The active video surveillance software platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies and COTS security products.

Alerts the operator when a person or vehicle enters a monitored area. You can increase the effectiveness of the feature by setting a number of filters including background noise compensation, object size and object permanence in the scene.

Allows visual control of access and identification for access to a gate, integrating video surveillance and control by physical barriers. It alerts the operator and records alarms in the history due to denied or forced access. It is also able to detect the temperature of people at the entrance.

It allows to detect the identity of a person starting from a video that portrays him, comparing in real time the acquired images with the faces registered in a database, generating notifications and alerts on the detected matches. 

It is able to identify and extrapolate the license plate number of vehicles in transit, using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies, even in critical situations such as vision limited by darkness or atmospheric agents, dirty or damaged license plates.

The platform that meets the need of businesses open to the public to know the type and behavior of their customers.

Allows you to know demographic information through facial recognition: age range, gender and ethnicity of visitors.

It allows to estimate the occupation of specific areas of the shop and to identify the most frequented routes, through colorimetric graphs. It thus makes it possible to evaluate the positioning of the stands and the effectiveness of the exhibition route.

It allows you to detect how many customers enter and leave an entrance: mall visitors vs shop visitors, visitors vs shoppers, instant/hourly/daily crowding and attendance.

It allows the monitoring and analysis of queues, providing real-time data, historical data sets, useful tools to identify and predict bottlenecks, improve service, sales and resource planning.